I will forever appreciate Mudra D Viral – Karole Kasita speaks after paying him

November 13, 2023


Singer Karole Kasita has revealed that she will forever be their and respect her fellow singer and music writer Mudra D Viral.

Mudra started off as a song writer working with Karole Kasita and Cindy Sanyu. But that wasn’t so paying like he wanted.

Since he is talented, he decided to try his luck in singing too which at some point of his life worked.

In his last interview with a local radio station, Mudra talked about having been disappointed by Karole Kasita.

He said the the songs he write for her, he never got any payments for them yet the singer Karole Kasita was earning a lot from it.

Karole Kasita revealed that she didn’t know Mudra was feeling this way towards her for the time they had worked together.

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She said she broke down and cried at some point because she loves Mudra so much. If it wasn’t him, she couldn’t be where she is at the moment.

“If it wasn’t for Mudra, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I even cried when I saw clips of him saying I didn’t pay him for the songs he wrote for me,” – Karole Kasita

It should be noted that Karole Kasita paid Mudra all the money he was demanding from her. The songs he wrote were paid for.