Seperation rumour intensify as Canary and Sasha unfollow themselves on social media

May 23, 2024

News anchor and news reporter Canary Mugume is rumoured to have separated with his wife and longtime girlfriend Sasha Ferguson.

The two were high school sweethearts who dated for over five years living their life.

Sasha and Canary Mugume finally decided to get married officially in 2022 and it was one of the most expensive weddings in Uganda. A few invited guests and family members showed up.

This celebrity couple welcomed their first child in 2023 and now they seem like they have divorced.

The rumour started a few weeks ago although people seemed not to confirm it when the two celebrated Mother’s Day with sweet love messages.

Canary Mugume And Wifey Squash Divorce Rumors 

Yesterday Sasha posted on her social media platforms that she has started a new life in a new place.

She even changed her social media names from Mrs Mugume back to Sasha Ferguson.

Fans are now convinced that the famous couple is no longer together because they are no longer even together.