Bruno K And Baby Mama Vanessa Spark Off Dating Rumours

May 22, 2024

Singer Bruno K and ex baby mama Vanessa has sparked off dating rumors once again.

This happened after the two started posting themselves on social media saying they have a project coming up with their three years old son Seth Kigundu.

Bruno K and Vanessa said they never used to date. They both just were having fun and she ended up pregnant without any plans of having a child.

In the beginning, the singer said he never wanted anything to do with the lady. He said he was going to help her raise the child by giving her money to start up business.

That didn’t work out for them as the lady ended up exposing Bruno K saying he is not a good father and he segregates his children loving more one and hating on others.

Like any other father, Bruno K finally stepped up to look after his child and at the moment he is doing so much well the with the mother and the child himself.

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Both of them are working towards a goal of getting money and giving their children everything they want.

“Vanessa and I have a project titled “Akuzalira Omwana” that we are dropping Tommorow 4pm. Tap the link below subscribe to my youtube channel and also be the first to listen to our project. God bless you all.,”