Canary Mugume And Wifey Squash Divorce Rumors 

May 13, 2024
Canary Mugume with wife, Sasha Ferguson

Canary Mugume with wife, Sasha Ferguson

News anchor and news reporter Canary Mugume and wifey have squashed divorce rumours leaving Ugandans confused.

This happened after there was a rumor that he was cheating on his wife and they separated as they are expecting the second child.

Canary Mugume and the wife have been married for three years but they were dating for more than five years before they officially officially got married.

One of the media blogs said they had information that the couple was no longer together.

Both the news anchor and the wife didn’t comment anything about the rumor they didn’t deny or accept being separated.

Canary Mugume’s Wife Sasha Speaks About Their Marriage Amidst Divorce Rumours

But as they were celebrating Mother’s Day, Canary Mugume posted about the wife telling her how much he loves her and how good she is as a mother.

The statement left Ugandans confused with the rumor and admitting that it was false because the couple are still so much in love with each other.