Feffe Bussi Disses Gravitty Omutujju

May 25, 2024

Local rapper and singer Feffe Bussi has dissed fellow singer Gravitty Omutujju saying he is not a Hiphop artistes but rather a Hipopo artiste.

He said he has never understood what he sings and he doesn’t think that he will ever understand anything in it.

Feffe Bussi is currently one of the most talented Hiphop artistes In Uganda. He has followed the footsteps of the legends of Hiphop music in Uganda like GNL Zamba.

Over the weekend he had a concert which turned out to be very successful with Hiphop fans turning up and enjoying his music.

In an interview, Feffe Bussi was asked why he didn’t invite fellow hip hop artists Gravitty Omutujju to come and perform at his concert to sell the genre to the young generation.

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He cleared the aid saying Gravitty Omutujju is not a hip hop artistes. He said if he is to categorise him, he would create his own known as the Hipopo which has never existed.

It is only going to be sang by Gravitty Omutujju and maybe other young people that follow and like his music.

“We all know Gravitty Omutujju is not a hiphop artiste. If I am to categorise him I would say he is a hipopo artiste,” Feffe Bussi said in his interview with Spark Television.