Ronald Alimpa Speaks About Where He Had Disappeared From

March 19, 2024

Struggling singer Ronald Alimpa has revealed where he had disappeared from in the past months.

He said he wasn’t active musically because of lack of funds and the problems he got while going to perform at a certain place.

Ronald Alimpa was on top of his game last year and everyone was speaking of his name. He had so many people who were willing to invest in him and give him money for his future.

One of those people was traditional healer mama Fina. She used to give him money for his music and other personal stuff.

Ronald Alimpa’s music career had problems when he got an accident. He started having issues with his management and he couldn’t even make money like he used to do.

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According to the singer, he realised the kind of problem he was having and ended up taking a step back to focus on his life.

Alimpa said the time he wasn’t in the music industry, he was busy making chapatis to earn a living for himself and his family.

“Iresorted to making chapatis to earn a living,” Ronald Alimpa

He added that he is now feeling much better and ready to continue with his music career with the new management on board.