It is not about Ray G! Juma Balunywa reveals why B2C postponed the concert

March 19, 2024

Events promoter Juma Balunywa has revealed the real reason why the B2C Kampala boys decided to postpone their concert.

He said it is not about fellow singer Ray G like it is being said on social media.

Ray G came out and announced that he is going to have his second concert in Kampala. He even revealed the dates and the venue of the concert.

Coincidentally, the dates he revealed are the same dates the B2C had previously announced that they will be having a concert.

After the announcement, the B2C quickly write a statement saying they are going to postpone their concert.

They said new dates and venue for their concert will be announced very soon.

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According to Balunywa, Ray G couldn’t have been the reason for the B2C to postpone their concert. They just used it as an issue and postponed it because they were not prepared enough.

He said there must be something bigger than what is actually being said on social media

“The B2C concert might have been postponed; perhaps they weren’t prepared. I don’t think it is about Ray G,” Promoter Juma Balunywa