Reveler Survives Winnie Nwagi Deadly Kung Fu Kicks | VIDEO

September 21, 2022
Winnie Nwagi performing at Cricket Oval last night

Winnie Nwagi performing at Cricket Oval last night

A reveler is still in shock after he survived Winnie Nwagi deadly Kung Fu kicks as she entertained her fans on stage last weekend.

Over the years, Winnie Nwagi is known for not tolerating nonsense and some fans and critics have tasted her wrath.

Those who comment negatively on her social media posts, they receive instant rebuke or sometimes get blocked.

Winnie Nwagi

Last weekend, Winnie Nwagi stopped performance and warned a fan to move away or she crushes his teeth. The reveler was filming her inappropriately.

Watch video below:

In October 2018, Winnie Nwagi grabbed a fan’s phone and smashed it. The fan was tried to record her inappropriately as she performed in London.

In March, the ‘Matala’ hitmaker, slapped unruly reveler for filming her inappropriately while performing ‘Matala’ song at Nexus Lounge.

Most nosy Ugandans have accused her of setting a bad example to the youth with her dressing code but the Fire Baby keeps reminding them that she is living her life.

At the beginning of Match, Nwagi survived angry fans in Dubai who accused her of denying them a chance to have a selfie after they bumped into her in a café.

Since joining Swangz Avenue, Nwagi has been dropping hit songs; Matala, Jangu, Musawo, katono katono, Embeera, Magic, each year and she is among the most booked artist in Uganda.

But she keeps making headlines in the news for wrong reasons.

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