The Day Jose Chameleone Ambushed, Thumped King Michael And Took His Shoes

September 23, 2022
Jose Chameleone (L) and King Michael (R)

Jose Chameleone (L) and King Michael (R)

Forget the rivalry of Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine! There was another serious beef in 2000s between Jose Chameleone and Michael Mugwanya aka King Michael.

Having started as a deejay ay Lido Beach in Entebbe, King Michael started singing and his songs became hits.

His first song was Bell Lager, then went on to recorded Lido, Muko Muko among many others.

His rise to stardom did not go well with Jose Chameleone who saw him as a threat.

Before Michael started singing, she was a friend to Chameleone. The Leone Island CEO would take his music to him for promotion.

The beef started when Chameleone asked King Michael to organise a show in Mbarara. Michael contacted a promoter and advertised the show.

On the day of the show, Jose Chameleone jumped out of the car after Jeff Kiwa brought him 4m as a deposit for another show.

Jose Chameleone (L) and King Michael (R)

The beef escalated when Madam Cheri, a German-based Nkuba Kyeyo who had Cafe Cheri in Kabalagala opened another bar, Cheri Royale next to one another.

Chemeleone was performing at Cafe Cheri on Mondays while King Michael was given Cheri Royale on Wednesdays.

Every time Madam Cheri would jet in Uganda, she would bring Chameleone and King Michael gifts.

Since she loved chilling and sleeping at Cheri Royale, King Michael would be having a chance to see the gifts first.

One time, she brought Jose Chameleone shoes and promised to buy for Michael. Since Michael was present, he took Chameleone’s shoes.

Word reached Chameleone that Michael hijacked his shoes and the ‘Bayuda’ star kept quiet.

One night Michael came wearing the shoes in Guvnor. As the pair played pool, King Michae kept on showing off.

Chemeleone organised his crew and waited for Michael outside the club. As Michael exited the club, Chameleone’s crew thumped him and the ‘Mama Mia’ hitmaker removed the shoes from Michael’s feet.

Watch the video below:

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