Rema Shows Off Nyash, Pregnant Again | VIDEO

August 1, 2023


Rema Namakula left Ugandans in Dubai whispering after she showed off bulging tummy and Nyash as she bragged and told off noise-makers.

Rema had a show in Dubai over the weekend and when she arrived at the airport, her fans wanted photos. The ‘Siri Muyembe’ singerwho is known for feeling herself, she did not give them chance.

While on stage performing her song ‘Ngonze’, revelers kept on singing Kenzo, Kenzo, which annoyed her.


Oli Wange singer paused the performance and started defending herself why she refused to take photos with fans. She argued that her fans were not giving her space to pause for photos, before showing off her Nyash.

Recently, a photo of Nyashless Rema circulated on social media and as usual netizens trolled her. This time around she wanted to prove a point that she got the Nyash.

Clad in black high west tight pants, our snoops managed to observe a bulging tummy. Some said the tummy could be as a result of post motherhood, but we suspect she could be baking a hot seed inside her womb.

After baby daddy, Eddy Kenzo left her alone in the house in Seguku, Rema also started dating Hamza Ssebunya.

In November 2019, Rema shocked Ugandans and introduced Hamza to her parents in a ‘party of the year’ that took place in Nabbingo on Masaka Road. The Nnabagereka of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda attended.