RAYMOND LICKED MY FEET AND VIBRATED: Don Zella Spills More Dirt About Precious Remmie’s Bae

October 19, 2021
Don Zella (R), Raymond and Precious Remmie (L)

Don Zella (R), Raymond and Precious Remmie (L)

Don Zella Nalongo Sheila, US-based Ugandan socialite continues to spill more dirt on Precious Remmie’s newly introduced boo, Raymond Bindeeba.

After photos of Raymond proposing to Precious Remmie went viral, Don Zella advised the Spark TV presenter not to marry him. She revealed that Raymond is a ‘smart wire’ who is hungry for fame.

She spilled more info and disclosed that he has been engaged three times and the first fiancee is pregnant with his child. Her info was welcomed with mixed reaction as some thanked her for warning Remmie while others blasted her and branded her jealous.

A day after Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie aka Ray P has introduced Raymond Bindeeba to her parents, Don Zella recorded a video and exposed the fella.

Precious Remmie introduced Raymond recently

Zella says she met Raymond at Crested Crane Lounge Los Angeles – California during her show dubbed ‘Ebbinu Lya Summer Love Festival’ in August featuring Angella Kalule.

She said that MC Richie connected him to her. On meeting Raymond, he told her that his only dream was to touch her. He proposed they go to her place but Zella refused because she stays with the kids.

So desperate, he told Zella that he wanted a relationship but the ‘tired’ serial-man eater told him that she only takes cash as she doesn’t have time to play around.

Don Zella

Raymond managed to book a room, he asked to touch Zella’s soft water melons but was told to pay dime. He licked Zella’s feet and vibrated in the process.

To Zella, the only thing Remmie can benefit from Raymond are papers to aid her move abroad. She claims he can’t be trusted because he had seen Remmie in Turkey in June then met Zella in August and was willing to propose to her.

She prophesied that their relationship will end in tears and the gossip queen will end up on the oxygen.

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