Qute Kaye thinks Gift Ov Kaddo is crying for help

March 31, 2023

Singer and drug addict survivor Qute Kaye has given his thoughts about Gift Ov Kaddo’s life with drugs.

Gift Ov Kaddo was famous years ago when he was still working with his friend Mr. Ex. After his death everything turned upside in a minute and Gift ov Kaddo was left without anything.

He has been struggling to make it in the music industry. Even without and with the music the media hasn’t given Gift Ov Kaddo any time.

Recently Gift Ov Kaddo came to the media saying he is tired of people looking down on him yet he is among the most talented people in the music industry.

He infact said he doesn’t campare himself to any Ugandan artiste because he is better than all of them. He said he only sees himself as Davido and Diamond Platnumz.

My only competition is Diamond Platnumz and Davido – Gift of Kaddo

According to Qute Kaye, Gift Ov Kaddo is showing all signs that he needs help to get off drugs. But unfortunately people are not picking up on his lines they are just criticizing him.

Kaye said he was in that state too and he is probably the only person that will understand that situation.

“It’s called a cry for help” Qute Kaye on Gift Ov Kaddo’s state