Ykee Benda Reveals Current Friendship With Ex Employee Dre Cali

May 10, 2024

Mpaka records boss and singer Tugume Wycliffe also known as Ykee Benda has spoken about his current friendship with ex employee Dre Cali.

He said they are not actually friends but they put their differences in business behind their back.

Dre Cali was introduced in the music industry officially by Ykee Benda.  He pushed him so much to get to the top of his music career with in a short period of time.

It actually worked for him because of his connection his artistes had access to different artistes which led to some collaborations that actually pushed his career.

Unfortunately just one year into the career, Dre Cali left Mpaka records without alerting them where he was actually going.

Ykee Benda said he heard from other people that Dre Cali was in Canada. To confirm the statements he had to call his family but unfortunately they all denied knowing where he was.

“When Dre Cali left he didn’t tell me anything or anyone in the management anything. He just left and I couldn’t communicate with him for some time. He later sent me an email but it felt like it was from a strange,”