Pretty Nicole’s mother Cries over daughter’s trending videos

February 21, 2024

Tiktoker Pretty Nicole’s mother has cried over speaking and seeing daughter’s trending videos.

She said her daughter is very young, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing when the videos started making rounds on social media.

Pretty Nicole’s mother has been in the media ever since she started trending. She was their to protect her when the friends beat her up.

She was in court with her and even when she said she was ready to go to school, her mother was their fully to support her.

Recently Pretty Nicole got done with her primary leaving examinations but no one got to know her results.

Even Hajjat Kulthum who was looking after her said she couldn’t believe that the young girl didn’t call her to tell her about her results.

According to Kulthum, Pretty Nicole’s mother is a problem because the time she stayed with Pretty Nicole she realised that she was not raised well.

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Despite all that, Pretty Nicole’s mother insisted that her daughter was doing everything behind her back.

She cried saying she was disappointed and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing when it came to the videos.

It should be noted that Hajjat Kulthum said the videos were released by a married man in Canada. That man is said to have been dating Pretty Nicole for some time.