Bad Black claims SB4 Media cheated on Ann Taylor with UK lady

February 22, 2024

Self proclaimed president of self employed ladies Bad Black has claimed that YouTuber SB4 Media cheated on his wife Ann Taylor with UK lady.

She said the YouTuber has even processed his papers, he is looking forward to moving permanently to the UK to be with the lady.

Ann Taylor and SB4 Media got married officially five years ago. They did an introduction ceremony to seal their marriage.

But for the past years they have been going through so much in quest of having their biological children.

The couple said they had tried so much but has failed not until last year when God answered their prayers and they welcomed twins.

But they decided to separate ways after welcoming the twins and people have been wondering what could have been the problem.

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According to Bad Black, she got to the bottom of it and she found out that there is a UK lady SB4 has been seeing.

She said this lady has been in SB4’s life and he was cheating with her on his wife Ann Taylor.

“There is this UK lady that SB4 Media has been cheating with on his wife Ann Taylor. He is now going to move to the UK with her and they start new life,” Bad Black said.