Katikiro Peter Mayiga confirms the arrest of Tiktoker Pressure

February 19, 2024

Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga has confirmed the arrest of notorious tiktoker Pressure also known as Precious.

He has been calling himself the real king saying the Kabaka is nothing he is the one that is a big deal.

There are so many youths that have been using social media to attack and disrepect other people. There are those that have announced the president of Uganda dead when he is still alive.

The Kabaka of Buganda has also been announced dead multiple times and not so much good has been talked about him.

The recent tiktoker who attacked the Kabaka had said nothing is going to happen to him. He said no one would touch him because they don’t know his whereabouts.

According to Katikiro Peter Mayigaz, it is true Pressure has been arrested and they are working hard to bring him to book for what he said.

He said he doesn’t understand why young people are becoming more disrespectful to the traditions and culture.

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“Nneebaza Minisita wa Kabaka ow’Amawulire era Omwogezi w’Obwakabaka olw’ebigambo bino: Omuntu yenna eyepampalika ku Nnamulondo (ng’omuvubuka ono, Ibrahim Musana) abadde avvoola Kabaka n’Obwakabaka, tuggya kweyambisa woofiisi ya Ssaabawolereza okumukwata n’okumusimba mu kkooti, asibwe,” Charles Peter Mayiga said