Please resign from the industry – Azawi tells Bebe Cool

September 28, 2023

Bebe Cool

Singer Zawedde Priscilla also known as Azawi from Swangz Avenue is not holding on to her feeling when it comes to Gagamel boss singer Bebe Cool.

She has told her to resign from the music industry if he can’t manage to sponsor hisb battle with Bebe Cool against Jose Chameleon for the years he has been in the industry.

Bebe Cool has been singing for over twenty years. But he is among the musicians that are always crying povert and asking the government to help them.

Azawi who has been in the music Industry said she has achieved somethings. She doesn’t understand someone like Bebe Cool who says he hasn’t been able to achieve anything.

The singer said there are so many other things to do and she feels maybe Bebe Cool will be able to benefit from those.

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“If Bebe Cool doesn’t have money like he claims, why doesn’t he leave the music industry and go do other things?” Azawi said

Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon are about to have a battle between themselves and it is mainly sponsored by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon Thomas Tayebwa.

Although people have been complaining about it, Bebe Cool said they badly need the help financially because as a person he doesn’t have anything.