Lilian Mbabazi thrown out of her rented houses by landlord

September 29, 2023

Former Blue*3 singer Lilian Mbabazi has been thrown out of her rented house by the landlord.

This happened after she spent 18 months in that house without paying rent. The debt had accumulated for UGX26 millions.

Instead of paying the money, she was playing hide and seek with the landlord forcing them to come out to the media to expose her.

On reaching the media, the singer also sent her lawyer to go and settle everything. She managed to get some money to pay them so that she can pay the remaining in time.

According to a local television, Lilian Mbabazi managed to give her landlord UGC10 million and pleaded to be given time to pay the remaining.

Lilian Mbabazi defaults paying rent worth UGX24 Million, to be evicted from house soon

The money was received but still she was told to vacate the house as soon as possible.

She left with her property and some debt hanging on her name from the landlord. The place to where she has shifted to hasn’t been known by the media.

“Lillian Mbabazi has managed to clear 10 million out of the 26 million owed to her landlord, but she has still been evicted from the house,” Landlord’s lawyer said.

It should be noted that different Ugandam musicians have suffered with rent issues and some have also been evicted like Lilian Mbabazi