Fik Fameica fuming at Grenade for releasing their collabo attacking Rickman and Sheila (Screenshot)

September 28, 2023

Singer Fik Fameica is at war with a fellow singer Grenade Official for releasing their collaboration without his consent.

This song has been released amidst the drama that happened between Grenade and Rickman Manrick with his girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba.

The reason for their fighting is not clear although Grenade blames it on Sheilah Gashumba while Sheilah blames it on Grenade’s drug consumption.

Grenade has taken some time without releasing any new songs and with this drama centered around him, he has got the opportunity to finally release one.

The song he released is titled ‘Mumpemu’ and it was done five years ago. Fik Fameica had jumped on it and dropped in his vetaw but they didn’t go ahead to release it.

Sheilah Gashumba denies ever dating Grenade, brands him a possesed fan

Without his knowledge, he just saw Grenade posting the song and he was defined not happy about it.

He posted on Twitter telling Grenade that putting in his verse wasn’t a crime and it is unfair for him to get involved in the Drama.

Grenade distanced herself from it saying he was just releasing it for his fans to enjoy nothing else.

Here are the screenshots;

It should be noted that Fik Fameica and Grenades both are rumored to have dates Sheilah Gashumba at one point in their lives.