Phina Masanyalaze introduces Mzungu lover to parents (Video)

June 2, 2023

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) general secretary, singer and dancer Phone Masanyalaze is off the market.

She has introduced her Mzungu lover to her parents in a lovely introduction ceremony. A few close friends and relatives were invited at the function.

Phina Mugerwa is one of the musicians that has been in the music industry for so many years. But she has tried to keep her relationships private.

The one relationship that went public was when she was fighting for a husband wife fellow singer Cindy Sanyu. Unfortunately they all lost the man but atleast that relationship was public.

Ever since then, she started living a private life as well as being a good single mother to her children.

Recently she lost a 16 years old son without getting any sick. But her sorrows have been washed away by happiness of bringing a husband home.

Phina as an artiste hasn’t said anything about her introduction ceremony but the videos and photos were shared on social media.

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It not clear on who is leaking those photos on social media but definitely her husband has been revealed to the public.

Here is the video;

It should be noted that Phina Mugerwa’s husband looks to be old in age. According to the video and photos, he is in his 60 years.

Phina Mugerwa at the same time is not a young lady. She is already also in her 40s.