Kenyan Man Offers 58 Cows To Marry KFM’s Doreen Nasasira

June 1, 2023
Tanui Bryan (L), Doreen Nasasira (R)

Tanui Bryan (L), Doreen Nasasira (R)

Usually, the woman’s parents set the bride price for their child during the introduction ceremony. However, Tanui Bryan didn’t have to wait for Doreen Nasasira’s parents to name their price to show his affection for the KFM presenter.

Tanui from Kenya is head over heels for the K-Zone presenter and has even promised to offer her 58 cows so that she becomes Mrs Tanui according to his social media post.

Doreen Nasasira

“Hi Doreen, I’m Tanui Bryan from Kenya, a county known as Nandi, kapsabet town, kamatargui village, I would really wish to bring to your attention that have always been trying hard to maintain in the lane of friends which I realized I’m a friend of someone who doesn’t know me, I’m a very progressive minded person with little ability of laziness and big dissapointment in giving up I truly don’t, to cut the story short I would really wish to have dinner with you meet me as a very aggressive gentleman from Nandi if nandi tribe Be rest assured of my availability upon your approval for my journey to have you Mrs Tanui” reads one of the messages from Tanui.

However, his attempts have so far yielded nothing as Nasasira considers him to be a disturber like many who have been in her inbox and direct messages.

Doreen however reposted the message shared by Modern Coast Express Ltd wondering if she was safe. “Am I safe?” she posted.