Grenade, Arrested, Beaten Up Like A Chicken Thief | Video

June 2, 2023

Grenade real name, Deus Nduggwa is nursing wounds after he was arrested last night and beaten up like a chicken thief.

Grenade who is known for his songs; Nkuloga, Babandana, found himself in trouble after he disrespected security guards in Seguku Estate.

An eyewitness revealed that as he passed by, he heard a scuffle and found Grenade shouting on top of his voice, “I’m Grenade, i’m an artist”.

He told the security guards that he knew Grenade but the security guards told him that being an artist doesn’t mean he should insult and beat up others.

By that time, he was seated on the ground with no shoes and his hands tied from behind. He even had blood on his forehead, meaning they beat him seriously.

The chairman of the area had been called and told Babandana hitmaker that if he claims he is an artist, let them take a picture and post it on social media.

The eye witness said, the entrance to the estate has security guards and nobody can access the area if you are not known.

It seems Grenade reached and instead of explaining himself, ego got better of him and started arguing with security guards.

Eye withnesses say that Grenade was drunk.

Watch video below:

At the moment, it is not clear if he was taken to the hospital to the police.

Nkuloga singer was previously signed under Team No Sleep led by Jeff Kiwa and he was no longer in the media for funny reasons. Because in the past years he was always in the media for women related reasons.

And now after falling out with Jeff Kiwa, he is back in the media for not good reasons. This time around it is even beyond ladies, it is physical assaulting.

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