King Michael Squeezed Out As Balaam, Bebe Cool, Phina Hand 33-Performing Artistes List To NRM Secretary General

January 25, 2020

Balaam with King Michael

After making calling press conferences, media interviews praising Bobi Wine and attacking promoter Balaam, Michael Mugwanya a.k.a King Michael has not made the 33-artistes list to perform at the NRN delegates conference-Namboole.

The outbursts started when King Michael ran to the president to bail him out after staging ‘The Best Of King Michael’ at Freedom City in August 2019 and flopped.

President Museveni bailed him out with 30 cows which King Michael said they were not enough to bail him out and revealed money lenders were closing in on his house and car he staked as security in order to stage the concert.

L-R: King Michael, Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira

In the media interviews’ King Michael accused Balaam of blocking him to meet the president. Balaam responded by branding King Michael greedy and said he will not be part of the artistes to perform at NRN functions/campaigns.

And the leaked list of the artistes to perform at the Delegates conference, King Michael’s name was nowhere to be seen.

The list of the artistes who made the list to perform include; Fred Ssebaale, Moses Sali (Bebe Cool), Cathrine Kusasira, Nakangubi Jennifer Full Figure), Phina Mugerwa, Ibrahim Mayanja (Big Eye), Buchanan, Dan Kazibwe (Ragga Dee), Hassan Ndugga and many more.