Pastor Kayanja Working Hard To Rekindle Camary Mugume And Sasha’s Marriage

May 28, 2024

Kampala city re-known Pastor Kayanja is on the journey to rekindle marriage between news anchor, reporter Canary Mugume and his wife Sasha.

It is said that he wants them to work on their differences and get back together, raise their family like they had agreed.

Canary Mugume and the wife’s secrets were exposed to social media weeks ago. It was said that Sasha was no longer happy and had decided to move on and start new life.

Canary Mugume never said anything about it but the wife kept on posting on social media about her life and she has moved on.

These two got married three years ago and Pastor Kayanja is the one that wedded them in his church.

According to Kasuku, Pastor Kayanja felt that it is his responsibility to help these two get back on track of their marriage.

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He said he had got information to help that the two are in talks of meeting and working on the relationship to get it where it was before everything got very bitter.

“I have credible information from someone close to Sasha that Pastor Kayanja is helping them work on their marriage. They are no longer staying together but they are working hard to get back together,” blast