Dax Kartel  Reveals His Biggest Challenge As First Time Father

May 28, 2024

Singer Dax Kartel has revealed his biggest challenge as a first time father in his life.

He said he no longer gets sleep at night like he used to have before he became a father.

Dax Kartel and his wife Momo19 welcomed their first child together a month ago. They had gotten married in 2021 and their marriage turned bitter just a week after the wedding.

They struggled to make it work with the media pressure around them, they struggled so much to make it out for themselves.

Fortunately enough they still loved each other but they didn’t give birth after working out their relationship. They waited until they were prepared enough to be parents.

Momo19 and Daxx Kartel welcome twins

Dad Kartel and Momo19 kept their pregnancy very private. Although there was a rumor that they pregnant they only talked about it after giving birth.

According to Dax Kartel, he is happy to be a father but ever since their son was born, he has never gotten sleep.

“Okuva lw’enazaala, seebaka,” Dax Kartel alajana lwa mwana akaaba ekiro kyona.