You’re Not My Target Audience – A Pass Responds To DJ Nimrod’s Criticism

May 29, 2024

Singer Alexander Bagonza famously known by his stage name A Pass has responded to criticism from fellow deejay Nimrod about his recent released 45 track album.

He said people like Nimrod are not his target audience and he doesn’t care about what they have to say when it comes to his music.

A Pass has spent some years without releasing music for his fans to enjoy. He had said that he doing something good for the fans and couldn’t wait for them to enjoy it.

He then announced that he was going to release an album of 45 songs which has never spooned in Uganda.

No artiste has ever released so many songs at the same time like he was going to release. So much was expected from him especially the songs going viral and him making money from it.

Unfortunately the songs didn’t go viral and DJ Nimrod called him out for being a poor artiste.

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A Pass responded to him saying he knows he is not his target audience and his opinion doesn’t matter to him.

“The problem we have is that we think we need validation from everyone. Just because Nimrod works at Galaxy doesn’t mean his point makes sense to me. I made that album knowing who the target audience was,” A Pass