Omega 256 narrates how she once contacted illuminati through a friend 

March 1, 2024

Western Uganda artiste Omega 256 has narrated how she once contacted illuminati through a friend.

She said it was some years back when she didn’t know what the world was about and she was very naïve.

Omega 256 has been in the music industry for like three years but she had a break through in 2023.

She was only known in the Western Uganda but after a break through she started performing in concerts around Kampala city which is the center of music.

According to Omega 256, she lost her mother at a very young but she had support from her elder brothers and sisters.

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She said she got at a point where she was broke and when she told a friend she was advised to contact illuminati which she did. But she didn’t gain anything from it.

“I reached a point where I felt depressed and even lost my passion for music. With no money and still reeling from a previous heartbreak, a friend approached me with an offer to join the Illuminati. Feeling desperate and intrigued, I contacted the number provided”.  -Omega 256