Here Is The Reason Why Gift Ov Kaddo Says He Is Not Faded

February 29, 2024

Struggling singer Gift Ov Kaddo has denied being faded. Mn said he is doing so well from another planet.

He has been in the music industry for so many years but he stopped releasing music after some time.

This happened after one of his close friend and duo mate Mr X suddenly died. The two were very close friends and everything they did together.

According to Gift Ov Kaddo when his fellow musician Mr X died people stopped supporting him saying he was no longer as long as before.

There were report’s saying Gift Ov Kaddo is struggling with drugs and he hasn’t been himself for a while. There was a video of him staying at a certain island living another life.

In a reverse interview, Gift Ov Kaddo said he has been releasing music for some time but it is a surprise that Ugandans are not listening to it.

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He said he living a different life now days in a different planet that most people don’t know.

“I have been doing music and good music. I don’t care what Ugandans think what I am sure of is that I am living the best life in a different planet,”