Is it a perfect match? Grenade shoots his shots at Lynda Ddane

March 1, 2024

Singer Grenade Official doesn’t want to leave his crush without letting her know what he thinks about her.

He said he is ready for a date if there is any chance and he will use it accordingly to know he is serious.

Grenade revealed that he has a crush on television presenter Lynda Ddane. He said he doesn’t care what other people think about the relationship.

Lynda Ddane was previously said to be dating her workmate Dejaay Brian. The relationship didn’t go public and in a few months they said they had already separated.

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Now that the television presenter has been so quiet about her dating life, Grenade is now seeing a gap to date her.

He said he has always had a crush on her but he didn’t want to come between her and former boyfriend Brian.

Grenade said he doesn’t have Lynda Ddane’s number but anyone having it should help him because he is ready for date.

“I have a crush on Lynda Ddane and I am ready t take her on a date. I don’t have her number but I am willing to go ahead and get it so that I approach her,” Grenade said