NUP’s Kamwokya head offices raided by police (Photos)

October 9, 2023

National Unity Platform (NUP) head offices have been raided by Ugandan police today morning.

This happened as NUP supporters with their president Bobi Wine were planning to hold prayers for their people died in the struggle.

According to Bobi Wine, no person is allowed to enter or leave the Kamwokya offices and they are not sure if they will be allowed to even hold these prayers.

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There are so many Ugandans that died in the compaigns of 2021 general elections. Most of those were supporters of Bobi Wine and NUP at large.

Those that were not killed, they were arrested. Some have been released while others are still in prisons serving and it is not clear when they will be out.

Bobi Wine said the government is not shameful as they block the opposition and go somewhere to celebrate independence like everything is clear.

“The military and police have raided and cordoned off the National Unity Platform Head Office, Kamwokya yet again, in order to block us from holding prayers for our dead, detained and disappeared comrades. No one is allowed to enter or leave the office. While they do this, they will shamelessly gather today to celebrate “independence” even when they behave worse than the colonialists. The cowardly regime will never have the last laugh

It should be noted that police again picked Bobi Wine from the airport as he was returning from South Africa and took him directly to his home.