Did you know why Keko has gained much weight? Here are the reasons

October 9, 2023

Ugandan rapper Keko has revealed reasons why she has gained so much weight despite being out of the country.

Keko left Uganda in 2018 to search for greener pastures in the United states of America. She had specifically gone to continue with her education.

Unfortunately she was caught up by Covid19 as she planned to return to the country. There is no way she would find herself in Uganda without transport.

During Covid19, there is a video of Keko that made rounds on social media and she was in very worrying condition.

She looked to be using drugs and taking so much alcohol during that period. She even recorded herself on social media showing that she is really struggling with life.

It is the same period that Keko looked to be gaining so much weight. She somehow went offline on social media for almost two years.

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The singer has now come to Uganda looking very different with how she looked before she left. She has gained so much weight and isn’t looking like a celebrity she was.

According to Keko, the main reason she gained weight is because she had nothing to do during Covid19 and she was Eaton and drinking all the time.

After that she didn’t get a time to reduce and become as small as she was hence flowing with the flow of the much weight.

She made this statement during her recent interview with Galaxy FM.

“My fans and my people know that I wasn’t this big I gained all this weight during Covid19. There wasn’t much to do in that period the only thing I used to do was ear drink and sleep. After that I couldn’t get small again and that’s why I am like this,” Keko said