Reason why Ugandan celebrities date sugar mummies revealed

October 10, 2023

Legendary singer Willy Mukabya has given reasons why Ugandan young male celebrities date sugar mummies.

He said there is no money in the industry but artistes want to look good hence looking for all the means to make that possible.

Last month one musician Bruno K was exposed by his pregnant sugar mummy. The two were dating for almost a year when they decided to call it quits.

The lady known as Dorah said she is the one that has been funding the life of Bruno K. She even released some of the audios and screenshots of their chats him requesting money.

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Bruno K has been known as the guy who looks after himself because of the ways he has been taking himself in the media.

According to Willy Mukabya, in their era musicians used to struggle for themselves without any ladies giving them money or anything else.

He said the main reasons why these musicians are now into sugar mummies is because the artistes want to be seen like they have made it in life.

In the music industry, there isn’t any money although people portray like there is so much money.

“By the time we joined the music industry we didn’t have sugar mummies like the artistes of these days. The main reason why musicians are now having these sugar mummies is because life has become so expensive and there is no money in the industry. To keep a life style one has to her someone to sponsor it,” Willy Mukabya said