No bad blood! Prima Kardashi speaks about hating on exes

October 7, 2023

Prima Kardashi has comes out to speak about hating on her exes.

She said she doesn’t have time she is busy focusing on her children and businesses that are thriving.

Prima Kardashi has two public relations with one singer Geosteady and radio presenter Mr. Henry.

But she only has two children with Geosteady. For Mr. Henry they didn’t have anything even their relationship was short lived.

According to Prima Kardashi, she is on good terms with her exes. She said has kept the friendship and business partnership that they had.

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“I have no hatred for my exes. We are all at good terms and we are still good friends like we were before. I don’t believe in attacking each other just because the relationship didn’t work out,” Prima Kardashi said

It should remembered that Prima Kardashi and Geosteady have been having issuesvin social media.

They have always attacked each other and later rekindled their friendship saying they are doing it for the sake of their children.

Right now Prima Kardashi said she is single and not ready to date again until she feels she is ready to start a relationship