NUP Iron Lady, Saudah Madaada Arrested, Hospitalized After Nasty Accident | VIDEO

October 28, 2022
Bobi Wine and Saudah Madaada

Bobi Wine and Saudah Madaada

National Unity Platform (NUP) Iron Lady, Saudah Madaada has been arrested and hospitalised after causing nasty accident that left many nursing injuries.

According to the eye witness, Saudah Madaada who was driving a Toyota Harrier Kawundo on one way along Kyebando flyover, knocked a boda boda rider and the passenger.

Sauda Madada

It is said the passenger died on spot which prompted the police to chase her down. Driving with fear, Saudah knocked several cars in the process as she sped off towards Kamwokya.

Upon reached Kamwokya, she exited the car, started protesting as she undressed.

The police did not waste time, they arrested her and took her to Kira Road Police station.

Since she had injuries, they rushed her to the hospital where she sis currently receiving treatment.

We have been told that her car, Toyota Harrier Kawundo is badly damaged. But from our observation, Saudah is headed for big trouble.

NUP diehards be ready to do a mega fundraising to recue the General.

Saudah Madaada, a former member of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and the self-proclaimed commander of the People Power Special Forces, bought a Toyota Harrier Kawundo in August this year and showed off her house.

A brief on Saudah Madaada:

Saudah Madaada is no stranger. She won hearts of NUP sympathisers mainly after the 2018 Arua municipality by-election that was characterized by violence and bloodshed. Madaada was hit by a cartridge of the bullet that killed Kyagulanyi’s driver, Yasin Kawuma.

Since then, she became popular among NUP diehards and due to her physical ability, she joined Bobi Wine’s security personnel.

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