Moses Kibalama Opens Parallel NUP Offices, Asks Bobi Wine To Join Officially Registered Party

June 21, 2022
Moses Kibalama at newly opened NUP offices

Moses Kibalama at newly opened NUP offices

A faction of the National Unity Platform (NUP), led by Moses Kibalama, has opened up parallel offices in Rubaga division and has called upon Bobi Wine to join the officially registered party.

Paul Ssimbwa, the faction’s secretary general said the delegates sat and everything was resolved according to the party constitution.

Paul Ssimbwa at the press conference
Paul Ssimbwa at the press conference

I want you to get this thing right and clearly. What you must understand is that NUP has a constitution which we followed when we held a delegate conference and resolved to change the leadership of the party. We resolved to change the headquarters of the party

Paul Ssimbwa

He said NUP leadership headed by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine should accept the changes in good faith.

There is a challenge and I want you to remember very well that NUP metamorphosed from NURP and it is not true that Mr. Kyagulanyi changed the name of the party. He only became a flag bearer within the time

He added

He explained that in the party constitution it is clearly stated that delegate conferences shall be held every two years and that is what happened and they should not be misinterpreted.

It is very unhealthy for people to come in leadership in the party they found there and they want to run it the way they want. It is us who ushered them to the party. I was the secretary general when they came

He said

NUP secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya said had nothing to comment about the matter

“I won’t talk about them. I know what they are up to, so I won’t talk about them,” he said.