NUP Fans Turn Against DJ Nimrod Over Bobi Wine Mocking Video | WATCH IT HERE

November 4, 2020

Nabeeta Nimrod and DJ Nimrod has tasted the wrath of abusing NUP fans after posting video mocking Bobi Wine as ‘sleepy’.

DJ Nimrod who is a staunch fan of Bobi Wine, landed on a video of a dog sleeping wearing earphones as the babes in the background calling it Kyagulanyi.

Bobi Wine with DJ Nimrod

In the video, babes can be heard calling the sleepy dog to wake up saying that votes are being stolen.

“Kyagulanyi, Kyagulanyi obululu babutwala. Kyagulanyi zukuka Museveni obululu abutwala (Kyagulanyi, Kyagulanyi, wake up they are stealing the votes. Kyaguanyi wake up Museveni is stealing the votes “, babes in the video are heard saying.

After posting the video on his facebook page, NUP fans started hurling all sorts of abuses at him as others threatened to boycott his events.

In his defense, DJ Nimrod said he is 100% Bobi Wine and told the abusers that nothing they say can hurt him.

Watch the video