Don’t Grieve Jajja Iculi, He Was A Badman – Martha Kay

May 9, 2023
The late Jajja Iculi (L), Martha Kay (R)

The late Jajja Iculi (L), Martha Kay (R)

As the World still sad about the untimely death of vlogger, Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi who was shot and killed by unknown gunman on Saturday night in Kyanja – Nakawa Division, Martha Kagimba aka Martha Kay questions how can people grieve such a bad man?.

Martha Kay

Jajja Iculi was loved and at the same time hated by those especially who found themselves on his roasting net. The news about his death was received with mixed reactions as some became sad while others jubilated by posting his ranting videos.

Among people who were not fazed by his death is Nxt Radio presenter and comedian, Martha Kay who questioned those who grieved Jajja Iculi.

Martha Kay tweeted and and asked how can people grieve a person who spent most of his life insulting and concocting stories.

How do you grieve a man who spent most of his life insulting you and many you care about. A man who concocted stories to defame and character assassinate you with no facts or boundaries. It’s hard. But I still pray his soul may find peace. I pray his loved ones may find comfort. Amen

Martha Kay

During Eid cerebrations, Jajja Iculi was remorseful and revealed that he regrets some of the videos he recorded way back.

He asked those he wronged to forgive him. But, a person like Martha Kay, seems she hasn’t moved on.

The police confirmed they have 3 people in their custody as investigations continue in bid to arrest the shooter.

RIP: Jajja Iculi

President Museveni also condemned the cowardly act and vowed to bring the Pigs who killed his Muzukulu to justice.

Iculi who revolutionalised blogging and started Uganda Bloggers Association, was laid to rest on Sunday in Katwe village, Nkokonjeru – Mukono district.

By the time of his death, Iculi was campaigning for his second term as Uganda Bloggers Association president.

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