Jajja Iculi Knew He was Going To Die, He Enjoyed His Life | VIDEO

May 8, 2023
Jajja Iculi aka Isma Olaxess

Jajja Iculi aka Isma Olaxess

On Saturday, unknown gunman shot and killed Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi at around 9.20pm in Kyanja Central Zone, Nakawa Division.

According to reports, unknown gunman with MG riffle opened fire on the vehicle, Toyoya Hiance ‘Drone’ Registration number UBK 213D, killing Jajja Iculi who was seated in the passenger seat.

Yesterday, the Uganda Bloggers Association president was buried by thousands in Katwe Village, Nkokonjeru, Mukono district.

Iculi’s dad, Kasajja aka Mutabuliki

Those who have been following Isma Olaxess, he entertained and annoyed them as he did his daily morning Facebook Live broadcasts.

He was a jolly person who lived his life full off happiness and enjoyment.

After relocating from Sweden to Uganda, Isma came with an intention to meet president Museveni. After several attempts, he finally met the president.

While still in Sweden, he was bashing the government and its officials. After settling in Uganda, he switched and started defending the government, a thing that won himself a lot of enemies especially those from opposition.

In January 2021, Isma was knocked by a malicious driver as he traveled on a Boda Boda on his way to Record TV. He made plea to the Government for protection and after weeks, he showed off a phone claiming that the security operatives gave it to him to always alert them in case of any threat to his life.

City tycoon, Hamis Kiggundu bought him a Toyota Hiace ‘Drone’ to aid his movements and his construction company ‘Kombak Construction’.

Jajja Iculi laying in his ‘Drone’ after shooting incident

Since then, Jajja Iculi gained fame, won Uganda Bloggers Association presidency, taking the blogging business to the next level.

With no doubt, It will take Uganda a good period to get an eloquent, knowledgeable and humorous blogger like Jajja Iculi. netizens fell in love with him regardless of their political affiliations.

YouTubers, Media Houses relied on Iculi for interviews and analysis.

Jajja Iculi

Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi knew he was going to die:

After celebrating his 57th birthday at the end of March, Jajja Iculi recorded a video sad and said that every time one celebrates his birthday, he/she is coming near to their tomb.

He further said that he imagines that after his death, they will bury him and leave him alone. In that regard, he said he had to utilise his time while still on earth and say whatever he had to arguing that he wouldn’t want to regret while in the tomb.

The Bible says, “Life & Death are in the power of the tongue.” Almost in his daily morning Live broadcasts, Jajja Iculi used to use the phrase, “To God we belong and to God we return” and urged people to stop fighting for earthly things.

Jajja Iculi was the voice of the voiceless and Ugandans in and outside the country will greatly miss him.

Rest in Power Iculi ‘the Raw Material, the Cash Crop, Iculi alone’

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