Is Mudra in love with upcoming singer Ava Peace?

October 4, 2023

Singer Mudra D Viral has left fans speaking about his closeness with fellow Singer upcoming Ava Peace.

This is because the two have been moving everywhere together hand in hand even when they are not performing at any stages.

The friendship between Mudra and Ava Peace started when she was graduating. The singer was among her guest and instead of money, he gifted her with a song.

The went to studio, recorded and even shot the video and the song has been making rounds for a couple of months.

After recording the songs, the two becane even more close leaving fans wondering if they are in love or if they are just friends.

There has been two videos of themselves making rounds. One is of them in the kitchen cooking while another one of them in Tanzania enjoying life.

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In a recent interview, Mudra came clean about how he feels when it comes to Ava Peace.

The singer said Ava Peace is one of a kind because she is disciplined and she is a lover on top of having a good voice.

With all the qualities Mudra D Viral mentioned, it is not clear wether they are just friends or if they are in love.

“She is disciplined, has a good voice, and she is a lover.” Mudra has all the nice things to say about Ava Peace