Daddy Andre dumps Eddy Kenzo’s Federation reveals reasons why

October 7, 2023
Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo

Singer and music producer Daddy has dumped Eddy Kenzo’s Federation and has revealed reasons why he actually dumped it.

He was an adviser in the Federation but at the moment he moved to the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) that is headed by Cindy Sanyu.

The Federation and the association don’t work hand in hand because Cindy said she doesn’t understand the obligations of the association.

Daddy Andre said the main reason he is leaving the Federation is because he has also not known why it was created.

He said the musicians in are focused more on money than the problems that are challenging musicians around the country.

Daddy Andre said once the federation works on that problem he will be okay with them and willing to work with them once again.

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“I am now representing the association because I left the federation. The main reason I left the Federation is because I do not understand the reasons why it was created. People in it are good but they can’t differentiate between the problems and what they want as people,” Daddy Andre said

It should be noted that Daddy Andre once said he can never leave the federation because it is their to help artistes earn more from their content.

The Federation is focusing more on the copyright issues and dealing with government to pass the law.