Nina Roz Coils Tail, Returns To Daddy Andre’s Bed | VIDEO

June 28, 2023
Nina Roz and daddy Andre

Nina Roz and daddy Andre

Nina Roz real name Nina Kankunda and multi-talented Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre are back together almost a year apart.

Nina and Daddy Andre’s relationship shocked netizens because they never saw their ‘Kukyala’ coming.

In October 2020, Daddy Andre visited Nina Roz’s parents in Kireka, leaving netizens scratching their heads. This was 6 months after Angella Katatumba dumped Daddy Andre.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Angella was forced to part ways with Andre after several babes pinned him for eating their meat in Lero Tompona Studios.

All was going well between Andre and Nina until July 2021. Word started making rounds that Andre left Nina in the house and rented another apartment.

After partying ways, the pair started accusing each other of theft.

In September 2021, Andre accused Nina of stealing his TV and carpet from a rental they were sharing.

In May 2020, Nina accused Andre of stealing and selling her car.

According Kampala metropolitan police spokesman, Patrick Onyango, Nina Roz went with Daddy Andre to the car bond in 2020 and negotiated to buy a Toyota Mark X registration number, UBF 156C at 21m.

She paid 10m cash, signed an agreement as a buyer with Daddy Andre as a witness. Later she gave Daddy Andre balance to clear the car but instead the ‘Sikikukweka’ singer put the log book in his name and sold it.

Andre also hit back and demanded Nina pays him 120m for the four songs; Nangana, Billboard Kipande, Enyonta and Andelle that he wrote and produced.

Once lovers, turned enemies and fell apart. Almost a year apart, Andre and Nina are back together.

Yesterday, Andre shared a video having good time with Nina Roz.