Daddy Andre Accuses Nina Roz Of Taking Off With His TV, Carpet

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Daddy Andre is not a happy man after she returned to the rental she used to share with Nina Roz only to find his TV and carpet missing.

When married people decide to divorce, they share their belongings but we didn’t expect this of people who haven’t walked down the aisle yet in Uganda.

An insider intimated to us that when the pair got misunderstandings, Daddy Andre left the house and started residing somewhere else, leaving the house to Nina Roz. On returning to pick some of his crucial stuff, he found some of his stuff missing but what hurt him most was TV and carpet.

Nina Roz with Daddy Andre

Andre was so furious, he lost his cool and demanded Nina returns his TV and carpet.

It should be noted that Nina Roz introduced Andre to her relatives in October 2020. This was six months Angella Katatumba had dumped Andre after several babes accused him of eating them forcefully at his ‘Lero Tompona’ studios.

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