Promoter Ladynaa Demands Zari Pays Her 46m Or Ban Her From UK | Bosslady Hits Back – AUDIO

June 28, 2023
Zari with Shakib(L), Ladynaa (R)

Zari with Shakib(L), Ladynaa (R)

UK-based Tanzanian promoter, Ladynaa demands Zari pays her 10000 Pounds (App 46.6m) or she will never step her foot back in the UK.

According to Ladynaa, she knew Zari from Tanzania when the Bosslady was dating Diamond Platnumz.

Ladynaa revealed that her family were friends with Diamonds’ and spent a lot of time with Zari since she did not know Swahili by then.

When she relocated to the UK, she started doing White Party with Zari. She would process visa for the Boss Lady to go to the UK and party with her fans.

This time around, things did not go well. When Ladynaa asked Zari to come to the UK, the Bosslady insisted her hubby, Shakib must go too.

Zari and Shakib

In the process, she spent 7000 pounds on Shakib. On reaching, Zari attended the White Party in London but refused to come to the one which was in Birmingham.

Ladynaa says that Zari waited and told her that she wanted cash before making an appearance. She had no choice but to look for cash, unfortunately, Zari who looked drunk, pocketed the money and refused to attend.

Next morning, Zari recorded a video apologising and accused Ladynaa of failing to fulfill the agreement.

This angered Ladynaa who vowed to teach Zari a lesson that she will never forget. Ladynaa told Zari to pay back 10000 Pounds she spent on her or else she will never go back to UK ever again.

Zari also hit back, telling Ladynaa to stick to home care arguing that she doesn’t know events promotion.

Zari also warned Ladynaa that whoever messes with her, goes down.

Ako akakazi kasigale ku home care na kulongosa bakade, obwa promoter tabusobola. No one carries themselves from Africa to attend an event with no payment….you fail to pay ate owoza mbu omanja? Wabula buli kiyenje kimanyide nze🤣🤣 kali wano ka playinga victim yet it was simply non payment. Her ka small office of home care is not IMMIGRATION amagezi amatono agakatawanya. NO professionalism whatsoever. Mbu leaking chats and passports. Tukole tutya, Zari nsigala ndi Zari. Buli anelijako jagwa. Some of us are CHOSEN ONES!