A Pass on why he took a three year break from music

June 28, 2023

Singer, songwriter Alexander Bagonza famously known as A Pass has revealed reasons why he took a three year break from the music industry.

A Pass last released songs before Covid19 lockdown. But through the whole lockdown, he was focusing on being a social media influencer for certain brands.

His fans waited for him to release new music but he said he is not in hurry. Not until this year when he decided to put out an album.

Unfortunately it didn’t work well like his other songs. Even promoters haven’t been booking him to perform at events and concerts.

But still, A Pass looks unbothered as he justifies his break from the music industry.

According to the singer, he stepped back because he cares for other people especially the artistes so much.

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A Pass said every musician deserves to shine and he already did. So get stopped doing music so that the young musicians can try their luck and shine in his absence.

“Do you know why some of us step back, even for three years? It is because we care for other people (artists) to also have a shine because when I am around, I cast a shadow on many artistes” Singer A Pass