Navio pleads with gov’t to allow Bobi Wine perform again

September 4, 2023


Legendary hip hop star Navio has pleaded with government to allow National Unity Platform (NUP) president and singer Bobi Wine to perform again.

He said his fans are missing him so much and more so the people that did music with him.

Bobi Wine was stopped from performing when he joined politics. Ever since then, his fans haven’t heard him sing in Uganda.

The little perfomances he has had are all outside Uganda and people who have been in the have praised him. He has become even more better than he was before.

Over the weekend, Navio himself had a concert celebrating 20 years of being in the music industry.

In his career, he has had more than one collaborations with Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine said it was amazing t work with a talented person like Navio.

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With their history, Bobi Wine showed up at Navio’s concert unfortunately he couldn’t perform the two songs they have together.

According to Navio, it was hurting to see Bobi Wine in audience yet he would have been on stage performing with him.

He said government should grant him his performing rights again and allow his fans also enjoy his talent like they used to do before he joined active politics.

“I am happy that Bobi Wine attended my concer but it was absurd that he couldn’t get on stage to perform with me. I would like to ask government to allow him to perform again, we miss him and I am sure his fans miss him more,” Navio said