Dikteta Mark Comes Out As Gay, Vows Never To Return to Uganda

September 3, 2023
Dikteta Mark

Dikteta Mark

We all agree that Coming to terms with people’s sexuality is not an easy process even for Celebrities like Dikteta Mark alias Kiyimba Mark Robert who was a well-respected Journalist at the Mengo based CBS FM who had to battle Anxiety, self-doubt, and fear for social rejection According to his Tweets.

Dikteta Mark with fellow gays

The emotional turmoil experienced during this period highlights the pressure society places on individuals like him to conform to societal norms, has forced a lot of Ugandans to run to safety in the wake of the recently enacted anti LGBTQ Law  which was signed by the President in May 2023 and is now regarded as the World’s toughest anti LGBTQ Law Ugandans are now looking for countries and atmospheres with an understanding and empathy for the queer community.

Mark in gay parade

Information reaching our desk is now Dikteta Mark is not afraid to come out openly as gay according to the recent pride walks where he was seen waving the Rainbow Flag and seemed to enjoy whatever he was doing, many took to social Media to bash him and calling for his banishment from Uganda for good.

It should be remembered that people like Dikteta Mark if;
1.    Convicted of Homosexuality, the Punishment is Death.
2.    If caught promoting Homosexuality, the penalty is imprisonment for 20yrs
3.    Aggravated Homosexuality, the punishment is imprisonment for 14 yrs
4.    Landlords providing Housing to queer folks, Imprisonment for 10 yrs
5.    Children found guilty of Homosexuality,imprisonment for 3 years
6.    Media Houses/individuals that Publish Material or Information meant to promote or aid Hosexuality, face a Fine of 1Billion Ugx or revocation of License for 10 years etc. Well good luck to you Dikteta Mark as its evident you embarked on a Journey of no return to Uganda unless otherwise.

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