Here is what Geosteady and Mr. Henry spoke about their ex Prima

September 4, 2023

Not so common to find, singer Geosteady met radio presenter Mr Henry who dated his ex wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi after their separation.

Geosteady and Prima were together for so many years but they finally called it quits and they decided to move on to new relationships.

Prima met Mr Henry and they hit it off while Geosteady also had a girlfriend he was dating while still with Prima Kardashi.

For Prima and Mr. Henry it didn’t last long they separated and decided to move on to their lives.

Still Geosteady had a beef against Mr. Henry but they decide to meet and talk it through like grown up men.

Geosteady told Mr. Henry that he had no problem with him dating the baby mama but one thing he didn’t understand is that they will forever be connected.

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He said the only way Mr. Henry would be with Prima is if he was friends with Geosteady which didn’t happen and it ended up keeping them apart.

Mr Henry also told Geosteady that he wasn’t happy being accused of not playing his music yet he was playing it.

“I am glad that we have met but I wanted to tell you that there is no way you would have managed Prima Kardashi without me getting involved” Geosteady said

Mr Henry replied to him saying “I am not happy that you were accusing me of not playing your music because you know this is not my radio station and a job is a job,” Geosteady said