My management prohibits me from getting pregnant – Jowy Landa exposes DJ Roja

October 25, 2023

Jowy Landa

Upcoming singer Jowy Landa has exposed her new management led by DJ Kitaka Roger saying she is not allowed to get pregnant.

Jowy Landa started her music career in 2019 with the help of Pallaso but she didn’t manage to make it by then.

After so many Struggles she was picked up by DJ Roja who is currently investing so much money in her and her music career.

Ladies especially those in the music industry trying to build their careers often fear to give birth.

They believe that once someone gets pregnant it is always hard for them to get back on their feet and catch up with fellow musicians.

The competition is high and everyone wants to be the best as they make money at the same time.

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Jowy Landa who is currently trying her best to get on top, she has revealed that she discussed with her management and getting pregnant is not an option.

Despite being young and ready to pursue her dreams, Jowy Landa has a strong team of Jeff Kiwa and DJ Roja that she doesn’t want to let down.

“Am not allowed to get pregnant, my management prohibits it.” ~ Jowy Landa. Speaks out