Keko opens up about her relationship with Sheebah

October 25, 2023


Rapper Keko has opened up about her relationship and feelings towards fellow singer Sheebah.

She said they used to be very close but the relationship faded slowly by slowly now they are not friends.

Keko moved to Canada six years ago but before that she was rumoured to be dating Sheebah.

When she reached Canada she also got a problem with drugs and alcohol. She posted about it on social media and her fans in Uganda got worried about her life.

By then Sheebah’s career was on top and Keko had no way of getting back with her because they were at a different stage in their lives.

I am in a relationship – Keko clears the air

In a recent interview, Keko said she doesn’t talk to Sheebah and they have no contact of each other.

She said the friendship ended and she is very okay with that after all Sheebah didn’t add a lot to her life.

“We are not close friends anymore” Keko speaks on relationship with Sheebah

It should be noted that Keko is in a relationship at the moment. She said she is very happy with her partner