Lwasa sleeps behind bars over accumulated debt worth UGX18 Millions (Video)

October 24, 2023

Tycoon and business man Lwasa to sleep in the coolers tonight after accumulated debt worth UGX18 Millions.

He was arrested today after he refused to go to police by himself when he was summoned weeks ago.

Lwasa usually considers himself as one of the richest men in Uganda. He says with his money he can persue whatever he wants especially ladies.

As Lwasa, he hasn’t said anything about the case but according to the video

In his television interviews he usually says that he has been able to buy women different things and all they do is chuck him or ghost him.

But with the news going on, Lwasa might not be having the money he usually talks about in the public.

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For a rich man he claims he is, Lwasa shouldn’t have been arrested for money that is just UGX18 Millions.

According to the video, Lwasa was being escorted by the prison officers into the prison bus from the police station.


It is not yet clear when he will be out but we will keep you updated with every detail about this story.

Here is the video;